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      Yueqing HUAZHONG Power CO.,LTD founded in 2000March, is a professional production of various high and low voltage electrical appliances manufacturers, the company main products are double power automatic switch HZQ5 series, the products are widely used in various types of computer, audio, industrial electrical equipment, complete sets of equipment, household appliances and other fields; DC contactor HZJ series, the products are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, airports, docks, stations, ports in the storage battery car, forklift truck and passenger, freight cars, the company adhere to the "quality of survival, technology and development, in order to take to ensure credibility, to brand and market" purposes, and continuously improve product quality and innovation.
      Company to people-centered, attention to personnel, more than 200 employees, including management and dozens of engineering and technical personnel, in recent years, according to the customer further requirements on product quality, the company undertakes the technology innovates ceaselessly, the key production equipment and technology to the international level close to, and the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment and materials. In recent years, the company all staff unite in a concerted effort, work hard, make the enterprise business philosophy, production capacity, detection means and other aspects made great development and progress, the company production value and profit increased year by year, and many times by the superior departments awarded the honorary title.

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